You Don’t Want Anything to Come Between You and Your Child

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Divorces and separations are stressful and emotional for everyone involved. Child custody disagreements can make things even more difficult. A compassionate and caring child custody attorney in Plano, TX can help resolve your case. Attorney Rasley will walk you through the legal process, providing sound advice and support.

Child custody petitions like Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationships (SAPCR) can last for years – they don’t have a time limitation. It’s best to talk to a child custody attorney as soon as possible. You can speed up the legal process and avoid unnecessary difficulties. Plus, when someone violates a custody order you can seek an enforcement and ask for your attorney fees to be paid.

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Child Custody cases may affect your family and your future

A family lawyer in Plano, TX can help you navigate the major challenges of child custody. Attorney Rasley cares for all of his clients and their families. He’ll work hard to guide you in decisions that affect your family’s future. A skilled attorney can help you:

  • Determine the primary household parent
  • Establish parenting time schedules
  • Calculate payments for child support
  • Protect your rights when making decisions on your child’s behalf

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