Make Sure Your Children’s Needs Are Met

Call a family law attorney to assist you in child support law in Plano, TX

Attorney Rasley knows how difficult it is to raise a child alone. If you want to obtain child support from your former partner, a dedicated family attorney can help. Child support determines how much money one parent gives to the primary care giver to be used for raising the child. As this is court ordered, if someone fails to follow what’s required, a parent or guardian may seek an enforcement to make sure the person pays.

Rasley Law Group, PLLC is dedicated to helping families in Plano, TX.  Our goal is to protect your rights and advise you on the best options for your family. If you are not receiving payments after an agreement for child support was made, we can help make sure you receive what you’re owed.

Do you need child support help in Plano, TX? Speak with attorney Rasley today.

How Does Child Support law work?

Every child support situation is different, but there are several basic steps that every case has in common. The court will always:

  • Determine both parties’ individual annual income
  • Determine both parties’ household income
  • Plan a parenting schedule
  • Divide household income between determined parenting days,

The goal is to what’s best for the child by providing a consistent standard of living. Child support issues aren’t something you should handle alone. Hire family law attorney Rasley to work on your child support or family law case in Plano, TX today.