Add a New Member to Your Family 

You’ll need an adoption attorney in Plano, TX 


In the first place, adoption law is complicated. Therefore, you need a dedicated and experienced adoption attorney on your side. It’s best to turn to Rasley Law Group for advice and assistance. Attorney Brandon Rasley has over 12 years of experience working with kids and their adopted parents. He understands the ins and outs of adoption law in Plano, TX and can draft all of the necessary documents. He always puts children first and does his best making the process as easy as possible. 


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What should you expect when adopting? 


Thus, it’s important that parents hire an attorney who stays detail-oriented to make sure your adoption process gets handled properly. The complicated procedure with multiple steps to follow cause frustrations and problems for many. Before a child can be adopted, the judge must terminate their current parent’s rights. Then, the child’s eligibility for the adoption process truly begins. Typically, a judge prefers to grant an adoption if the couple is married, but other factors can come into play, as well. 


In a like manner, Attorney Rasley helps you better understand adoption law in Plano, TX. His passion about helping children find loving families drives him in this area. If you need a family law attorney, look no further than the Rasley Law Group. Schedule a consultation today.