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Powers of Attorney? Why?

Ever wondered why you should both with a power of attorney?  I mean really, what's the point? Do I really want to appoint someone to make decisions for me?  Well, you should bother, it helps avoid much more expensive lawsuits down the road and helps prepare your family (tl;dr).   What is a Power of [...]

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Hiring an Attorney – 8 Important Factors

You are in a stressful time of life without any assurances it's going to let up.  There is worry about the family, the grandparents, the kids and your next steps.  Then you include the stress from bills, work and expectations from groups like PTA and church.  Whether you face divorce, a civil law suit, aging [...]

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Engagement Rings and Gifts – Who Keeps Them?

Everyone gets gifts.  Whether  Christmas, a birthday or a wedding, you received at least a gift or two. (Unless Santa put coal in your stocking.)  When it comes to gifts typically no one expects a request from Aunt Karen to return her gift.   When someone gives a gift there is an expectation of [...]

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Child Support – What You Should Know

Many people, when they sit down for a consult, want to discuss child support. Almost everyone sees child support not as way to cover their child’s clothing or food expenses but as money to pay for their ex’s new designer shoes, jeans or other expenses. With an economy that has been difficult on many people, [...]

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