Protect Your Marriage From the Start 

Rely on a dedicated prenuptial attorney in Plano, TX 


Are you and your partner getting married soon? Have you thought about getting a prenuptial agreement? If you would get a warranty on a house or car, why wouldn’t you get one for a marriage? Attorney Rasley of Rasley Law Group helps couples establish prenuptial agreements in Plano, TX. With over 12 years of experience working as a prenuptial attorney, Rasley Law Group can help you with your situation. 


In addition, prenuptial agreements not only protect your marriage, but also make you financial expectations clear before your wedding. Speak with an experienced prenuptial attorney in Plano, TX now. You can call us at 972-584-7626. 


What if you’re already married? 


You may not have discussed nuptial agreements with your spouse before marriage, but it’s not too late. You and your current spouse can establish a postnuptial agreement. All you have to do is hire a postnuptial attorney to draft the agreement and represent you. Your attorney can’t represent you during the signing and discussion of disputes. Plus, you and your spouse will each need your own attorney for representation during the agreement. 


Moreover, prenuptial agreements potentially make a marriage more healthy. Discuss your options with attorney Rasley today. He’s your dedicated postnuptial attorney in Plano, TX. He also focuses on other family law cases such as divorce, child support and custody.